Am I Playing Eve Online Correctly?

A Disturbing Thread on the Forums

I was reading the Official Eve Online forums and came across this post here: Code lost you money CCP. It really highlighted a major issue in our Eve universe, High Sec VS Nul Sec. There are a lot of strong feelings on both sides and it was something that made me think a bit about the situation and my play-style.

Best of Both Worlds

People spend a lot of time discussing High Sec VS Nul Sec a lot and I cannot help but wonder if I am playing Eve Online correctly? I am currently in a very large Nul Sec corporation whose primary gaming style is PvP. I also have an alt that stays only in High Sec. When I am bored with one, I swap to the other.

Nul Sec Gaming

I do a lot in our area of Nul Sec. I go on PvP roams, gate camps, and fleets. When I am not PvP’ing, I am killing rats in my VNI or mining ore to make more ships. I make a good living and play safely. I maintain my situational awareness by watching local and our intel channel. Sometimes though, I need a break.

High Sec Alt Here I Come!

There are times when fleets are slow and I start getting bored with ratting and mining. Sometimes, I have little time and need something to wind down more quickly. High Sec Alt I am looking at you. I can log in and run a couple of security missions very expediently. It is a nice break and I am not tied into anything and can dock at any time.

Nothing Wrong Here

I believe that I am playing Eve Online properly. There is room for both play styles, while just one or the other works as well. I make more money in Nul but I have to find my own content. High Sec provides me with orchestrated activities. I can understand why some prefer one over the other but both are needed for Eve Online to continue. Instead of chastising one style of play over the other, thank them for playing Eve.

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