Elevator Bug Star Citizen

The Elevator Bug is Real!

I was minding my own business the other night working on a delivery mission. Optimism was high that this would be my first successful delivery mission. The pick-up point was a station and not an abandoned wreck or place on a planet which was a real plus. I travel the 31 million km’s in record time (insert sarcasm module here) of 15 minutes! After landing, I go into the elevator and find even more amazing luck. The pick-up machine was right next to the elevator to my landing pad. With pure excitement, I get back into the elevator and travel back to landing pad 4. I go out and that is the first time I realize that this mission was not meant to go well for me.

Dude! Where’s my ship?

When I get out there, my ship is no where to be seen. I go back to the elevator and travel back to the lobby. The ship retrieval terminal is right there so I quickly call my ship and head back to landing pad 4.

Once again, there is no ship. I head back to the ship retrieval terminal and it is showing that my ship is still on the landing pad.


I head back to landing pad 4 to find a ship sitting there but something looked off. As I get closer, I realize that there is no way that it could be mine, it was too big. At this point, I am thinking that maybe it said landing pad 4 but meant another landing pad. Once again, I head back to the lobby.

And Now Something Completely Different, an Elevator Bug!

Obviously I must have tempted fate or annoyed the elevators with my overuse in such a short time. I call the elevator that goes to landing pad 4 and get in. As I am stepping in, apparently I was also stepping out because I end up in space. No big deal, I had been in space before. When I first took my Mustang out, I decided to see what would happen if I turned off some gravity thing and I ended up being launched into space. I start to use my suit thrusters and headed to the nearest landing pad. There was one problem, I was stuck in some kind of invisible barrier, I could only assume that I was hitting the walls of the lobby even though I appeared to be in space.. The elevator had never traveled anywhere, I fell through as I entered it.

This Post Comes Complete Including a Fail Video!!!!

Here is my video of the mission. If it is blurry, make sure to set it to 1080/60. I first land on the station at 40:00 minutes in. And you didn’t believe me when I told you the travel time was insane!

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