First Successful Combat Site

After a few tries and a few deaths, I finally had enough skill to get a jackdaw and get it fitted. 114 Million ISK later and I am finding that it was well worth it. I had tried ships like the tristan, the corax, and the cormorant which were all decent ships but way too squishy for these types of sites.

Trial Run

The first thing I did was take it to a couple of the lower level anomaly combat sites. I warped in at to about 50km and had no trouble taking them out. I tried a couple of harder ones and was successful as well. Just to make sure, I tried a few Level II Security Missions which were also quite successful. That left one thing……and my heart was racing!

The Chase Was On!

I sent out my probes to find me my first combat site, of course I only got wormholes and data sites. Now when I was exploring for relic and data sites, all I could find were combat sites, someone was really messing with me. I finally find my site and once fully identified, it was a Blood Watch site. Now I have lost probably 4-5 T1 ships to being over confident on combat sites so I was quite nervous as I warped to the first gate. Once arrived, it was empty. That was good and bad. I was relieved yet it made me even more nervous to find what was waiting for me beyond acceleration gate #1.

Now or Never!

I clicked the acceleration gate and warped to my first true section. I was warmly greeted by many unfriendly ships and 3 stupid drones. When I was webbed by the first one, I panicked but started attacking him. I killed him fairly quick but the others were closing in. I took out the second and by that time I was being over-run. I took out the third and hauled ass for the nearest warp-able object. I then warped back at a distance to start my fight. I slowly and nervestakingly took them out one by one anxiously watching my damage and my capacitor. I didn’t need to worry because I never fell below 1/2 on my cap and my shields were holding. I looted a piddly amount (793,000 ISK) and went to the next gate. I was greeted by another non-welcoming party and quickly disposed of the drones though I did panic again as I had someone targeting my cap. As soon as I was web-free, I got my distance and started the hunt again. I took them out and looted another 500,000 ISK. At this time, I remembered the pop-up talking about the cathedral and I went and started attacking. A new wave of friends popped in and this time I quickly dispatched them. The RNG was with my on this looting event and I was rewarded with about 6.5 million ISK.


This was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to my next site. The jackdaw did an excellent job and I never went below 1/2 shields. if you haven’t tried one, I highly suggested that you do!

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