March Release of 119.3: Improvements to the New Scanning System

Improvements to the new scanning system

So far, I am liking the changes. I am still fairly new to Eve and I know some will say that I like it because I am new. Well that is not entirely true. While I did not play with the old system for long, I did get use to it and I do not always handle change well. These changes were good and fairly easy to get use to.


  • Easier to scan signatures overall
  • Seems to be a little quicker to find out what kind of signature it is
  • Not as much of a PITA to target the signatures on the map with the probes
  • Changing the radius of the probes is WAY easier and quicker


  • The layout was close but redesigned so it took time to get used to
  • Still cannot launch probes while cloaked 🙁

Loot changes?

I did not see anything on loot changes but I seemed to get a little bit more loot and little bit better quality of loot from High Sec signatures.

March Release 119.3

Experimenting with the changes

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