My thoughts on the past week

Okay, so another week in Eve down for a newer player. Here is my reflection of how things went, what I could have done, and what I want to do.


I died too many times this week, 9 times in all. The first 4 times were to NPCs during missions, and the rest to players. I died 3 times for not paying attention to my surroundings and not knowing where war targets were based out of, and I died twice to gate camps. It has been an expensive week for me but lessons learned!


  •  I have learned to be efficient at exploration and probes though I have also learned what is too big to bite off currently. The 4 NPC deaths all came from taking on exploration sites that were to hard for me to handle currently.
  • Mining has finally started paying the bills due to moving out of current home and locating about 40 jumps away. It has taken me out of my comfort zone, (see deaths above) but I have learned valuable lessons and have started bring in some money.


  • Skill learning! I cannot believe how long some of these skills take, it is killing me. I am working on some tier 2 ships, just the Amarr ones are going to take almost 25 days to learn and that does not cover all of the skills for the fittings.
  • Clones, I wish you could choose whether you clone at your home station or at the nearest cloning station that you can enter. Twice, due to my stupidity, I was killed and cloned over 42 jumps away from where I was at. I forgot to make a jump clone or change my home station, so it was my fault, but it was still a major pain in the you know what.
  • Jump clones, I traveled 15 jumps and died twice to find out that I could have moved my jump clone from where I was currently at to another place in the corporation. At least I figured it out before travelling the other 17 jumps.


I am having a blast overall. Don’t let my frustration fool you, this game is addictive. There are so many things to do that I want to do them all and I want to be able to do them NOW!! Of course that is not reasonable, but that is how into the game that I am. I have even contemplated buying the Multiple Character Training to help speed things up. I want to work my alt and I also want to work up a hauling alt. I have even thought about a second account but I know the wife would kill me!

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