New Streaming Microphone

FiFine K670 Streaming Microphone

I am moving up in the streaming world with my new streaming microphone from FiFine! Brand new and only 4 streams old, the FiFine K670 USB Microphone has been amazing. I sound so much better than my Razer headphone mic and I no longer have to wear the headphones. Headphones always give me a headache, especially trying to fit them on along with my reading glasses.

Clarity and Better Sound

Not only do I sound so much better with it, it is a lot more clear. After making the necessary changes through Streamlabs OBS, the background noises are gone. It still picks up loud sounds and voices but the smaller sounds are gone. My ceiling fan noise is gone along with the computer hum. What is truly about that is my voice quality did not change and I do not have to speak as loudly as I did before. More comfort and better quality, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Pros & Cons


  • good sound
  • decent length USB cord
  • removable USB cord
  • nice and solid
  • great value around $50


  • the stand gets in the way, get a suspension boom arm!
  • does not come with a pop filter

As you can see, the cons are arbitrary and can easily and inexpensively be fixed. Overall I am extremely happy with this purchase, especially the price. You can pick up at Amazon for about $50. If you are a prime member, it is cheaper and 2 day shipping. Mine arrived a day early which was so awesome. You can find a lot of YouTube reviews  on the FiFine K670. Hopefully I will be adding my own soon. I am including the links to the microphone, pop filter, and suspension arm that I am using.

FiFine K670 USB Streaming Microphone

PEMOTech Pop Filter & Windscreen Cover

NEWER Adjustable Microphone Suspension Arm

I am not an affiliate for FiFine nor was I given this product to review. I learned about it through YouTube while researching affordable streaming USB microphones.

2 thoughts on “New Streaming Microphone”

  1. Hello, I bought one, and it arrived two days ago, what configuration do you use for it in Streamlabs OBS? I swear it’s being complicated to find a perfect configuration because sometimes the voice doesn’t seem so real and I’m trying to make it as clear as possible!

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