Reflecting Back on 2018 in Eve Online

Eve Online 2018

Well another year in Eve Online has come and gone. There was a lot to reflect on and think about but 2018 was a good year for me. I changed corps/alliances, left old friends, rejoined old friends, and made new friends. I accomplished some firsts for me as well. These were things that I was unsure I would see when I set out to do them. Between training time and ISK cost, I thought they would be bucket list items never to be accomplished.

Goodbye Test, Hello Goons

I was in Test and fairly unhappy. My friends who had steered me to Dreddit were rarely on and I just did not feel like a part of it anymore. I had a nice little pocket for mining and ratting but did not feel like I belonged in their fleets. It was a shame because I truly enjoyed my first 4 or 5 fleets and loved home defense. The ones that came after were stressful and I dreaded them. I was overly worried about making a mistake and being flamed for it. My goal was to not be that guy and made sure to know my job, fitting, and to listen to every command the FC gave, but they were so hard on others that I never enjoyed them. I was always afraid I would be next and eventually stopped running them.

I started playing sporadically at best, only logging in to check on training or get skill books. It was at this time that old friends from Karma Fleet contacted me about joining them. Life was easy in Estoria but I was bored. I missed the fleets and had even went on another to find nothing had changed. Ridiculing people for being in the wrong fit or ship was to be expected. The same for not following directions but people being belittled for honest mistake was were I drew the line. I put in my app and waited anxiously for 5 days for approval. It was such a relief when it finally came. I had already started shipping important things to Jita and selling off my other assets and ships. I flew to the edge of Test space and accepted my KF invites.


Welcome to Delve

I wasn’t sure what to expect because there is a stigma about Goons. Even though I came from Test they welcomed me and I quickly felt at home. I got my mining and ratting re-established and started buying my doctrine ships. By this time, I was ready to try fleets again though I was very nervous. My first fleet ended up being a stratop home defense and I had a blast. The FC was Dabigredboat and was a lot of fun. Mistakes were made during the fleet but no one was berated over it, we laughed and had fun. I felt at home and life in New Eden was great again. Ratting, Mining, Fleets, rinse and repeat. Karma fleet is truly a great place for a new player. I don’t regret my time in Test but I wish I had moved to KF sooner.


There have been some firsts that I never thought I would accomplish in 2018.

  • Being able to sit in a Rorq. I have the skills to fly it but since buying and fitting them are so expensive, I swapped my training over to carrier.
  • My first carrier, it was a long road but well worth it. I can fly a Hel as well but I am putting that off till 2019. I need to finish training my skills for my Rorq and but that.
  • Reactions and Industry. I am now about ready for my first reactions. If things go as planned, I will be building my own Dread and Hel.
  • 50 billion worth of PvP kills on my PvP pilot. The majority of that has been since joining Karma Fleet.
  • Streaming! I had to cut it short since the summer ended but hope to get my stream going again!

2018 was a great year and I am truly looking forward to what 2019 brings!

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