Solo PvP Help Needed

Solo PvP

I have done a lot of things in Eve yet my bucket list is still very large. One thing that I am hoping to cross off is solo PvP. I have watched many videos and have always wanted to try yet my newbness always holds me back. Dying is not an issue, nor is the killboard. I guess it is more the uncertainty of knowing what I am doing. Things like PvP are more difficult to learn from reading or watching videos. Videos, streams and articles don’t give feedback or advice based on your actions during a fight. I understand that a lot of it has to do with experience, trial, & error but someone coaching in the background always helps.

Beginner Solo PvP Ship

I have always believed in the acronym, K.I.S.S. otherwise known as Keep It Simple Stupid. It is obvious and probably doesn’t need to be stated but I plan on keeping things cheap to start. After looking at many frigates, I started leaning towards the Slasher and the Rifter. I am partial to Minmitar ships for no reason other than I like the way the rust buckets look and fly. To start off, I think I will go with the Rifter. I like the projectile turrets and there is more leeway for fitting compared to the slasher. The fittings will most likely be more of a trial and error selection since there a million different ways to fit ships and a lot depends on skills.


PvP Experience

Since there is little luck of finding a mentor, I will need to put on my big boy pants and just do it. Assuming I will die a lot, I will need to invest in quite a few ships and fittings. My major dilemma is where to start out at and how to start out. Do I look for trouble in Low or Null? Should I try the solo gate camp or keep flying? Is faction space the best chance for practice or the best chance to get ganked? How long do I stick with a fit and strategy before retooling or go back to the drawing board? Don’t even get me going on skills. Are my skills good enough? What skills need to be raised before starting?

Recording my fails for posterity

I will be recording my fails in both text and video for all to see. The best motto for me at the moment is to let it all hang out. I intend on streaming my misadventures along with my blog. Stay tuned to view my insanity and fails!



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