A Strange Realization

I have just gotten back into streaming after a long break and I came to a strange realization today about why there aren’t as many older streamers. Let me explain how I came to this realization first and then I will share it with you. It started today with my first stream of the morning.

Stream Fail 1

I am just a few minutes into my first stream while I am treasure hunting on Ultima Online. When I find my location and dig up the chest which spawns the guardians. I am safely away and commenting about how it is a good thing that there is a healer nearby. It was a moment that I should have knocked on wood.  Better yet, not bring it up because Murphy’s Law was fully enacted. Of course, I end up getting too close without my dragon and get targeted and almost insta-killed.

While I am running for my life, my wife who happens to be out running errands, decides that it was a good time to call. I am running for my life, trying to talk to her, and mute my stream, when I inevitably die. It was time to track down that healer and get rezzed. Another mob wanders too close and locks onto me thinking I might be a good snack. I start running and am killed on the spot while still trying to talk to my wife on the phone still wearing my headset. Needless to say, I dropped the stream inadvertently as things got hectic so viewers weren’t able to enjoy my face-palm stream.

Stream Fail 2

After everything is under control and I feel that it would be a good time to stream, I get set up. My wife is safely in the bedroom taking a nap and I have some new treasure maps to dig up. I get set up and start the stream. I head to my spot and start digging when the doorbell rings. My 3 large dogs, one German Sheppard and two Siberian Huskies commence to barking and howling. I head to the door to see the UPS driver hauling butt down my driveway at a full sprint. Needless to say, he doesn’t seem to like my dogs for some reason. I open the screen door and get my package. When I returned to my screen, I found that everything was grey. Apparently,  a wandering ogre ended up finding me before my dragon found him. 

I start to look for a healer when my twin daughters come into the house arguing about nothing at the top of their lungs. As I am trying to get them to be quiet so I can continue with my stream, my computer decides that it is a great time to take a break and shut down. By the time I get it booted back up and logged back in, my viewers are long gone.

To sum it up…

The reason there aren’t as many older streamers is one thing, being married with children! Not only do I have a wife and 3 kids, but I also have 3 dogs and that makes it tough to stream. They are either looking at me thinking I am crazy or they are distracting me and making things tough. Not many younger streamers are in that boat and they have a lot more time and peace and quiet to stream in. It will be a challenge, but I think I am up to it….maybe. Come check out my streams on Twitch !

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