Thoughts about my new SSD hard drive

Need a new HD…

I decided to get a new hard drive since my other one was running slow and sounded horrible. While thinking that it was too new to sound like that, I realized that it was 4 years old and was probably ready to be replaced. My wife being the awesome person that she is, researched hard drives for me while I was at work. Knowing how much I love gaming, she zeroed in on the SSD drives. I had heard about them in the past but I always assumed that they were too expensive to be worthwhile. I know, I know, never assume anything. It makes an ass out of you and me. Well they are actually quite affordable. They are still more expensive than a standard IDE drive but affordable. She and I went shopping and came home with a SanDisk SSD Plus 240GB SSD drive for about $79 on sale. The cool thing about them is that you pair them up with a IDE drive. You install windows and games only on the SSD drive and then everything else goes on the IDE drive. I also bought a new Seagate 1tb IED drive.

New SSD Hard Drive…

It did not take long at all to install the drive into my case. I had to buy a SSD mounting kit for $10 so that I could mount it normally. I pulled the sata cable from my old IDE drive to make sure I didn’t screw up and install over my old drive. I installed a new Windows 10 home edition OS that installed unbelievably quick. I then installed fresh versions of the games that I play and my internet security soft ware. I cannot believe how fast this SSD drive really is. Windows boots and closes down in a blink of an eye. I shut down and hooked up my new IDE drive and closed the case to my computer.

Transferring files, OMG!

I hooked my old IDE drive into a kit to turn it into a external drive so I could move files. What a pain in the ass! Why don’t game companies pick one primary place to install settings files and everything else? It is literally a different place, sometimes places, for each game. Look in this place, that place, show hidden files, hide hidden files, etc. Once I got that done, I moved my pictures, music, videos, and download folders to my new IDE drive. I don’t want to clutter my SSD drive with them as they take WAY too much room.

Was it worth it?

Yes it was, I missed out on some valuable Saturday night gaming time to get it done but the difference is incredible and I have not even tested out more than one game yet. The speed is awesome and I wish I had done this years ago. The only thing that I would change is that I would have spent the extra to get the larger SSD drive. The 960GB drive is approximately $26o and I would not have had to worry as much about pictures and music.

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