Thoughts About Star Citizen

Trying Out Star Citizen

I have played many games but I am always on the lookout for something new. Back around 2012 I heard that Chris Roberts from Wing Commander fame was looking at starting a new game called Star Citizen. I was intrigued, especially since it was going to be crowdfunded. This was appealing because it meant that it would hopefully get enough money to get it off the ground. Gamers might also get to have input into how it is designed. I waited patiently keeping an eye on news, reviews, and whatever else I could get my hands onto. It seemed that it was going to be more of a money grab so I never bought in, until now.

Star Citizen Youtube Videos

The videos I had been seeing looked more and more amazing but every time I went to the official website, I was turned off by the dollar value of the ships. It wasn’t until I responded to a tweet about SC that I found out that the only monetary requirement was 45 dollars. The cost wasn’t very different from most games I have been playing so I thought, why not? I went back to the main website and decided to check out the forums before making any purchases. While browsing, I found that some of the sections are more of a live chat  called chat lobbies. They are very similar to discord which was interesting and I liked the concept for game forums.


Purchase Awaits

I decided to go into the “becoming-a-citizen section and met some very helpful players. They spent some time explaining the system and how it works with purchases or donations as they call them. I would only need to purchase a 45 dollar starter pack which came with a ship. The ship had a value or 30 dollars which I could trade for store credit and purchase other ships if I so desired. The ships for sale in the store are also available for purchase in-game for game credits. I was told that it was generally only the players that wanted to be rich in-game would purchase the ships in the store for real currency.

They also recommended purchasing “Squadron 42” which is a separate but related game being worked on. It was 20 dollars but would be more later on when it was close to release. Was it a scam by employees or actual invested gamers? I think it was gamers giving me advice and I decided to take it. I went ahead and purchased the SC game and ship and then also added SQ42 to the cart as well. So, for a purchase of 65 dollars, I now have 2 games in alpha. I won’t have to make any other purchases though, even when the games are officially released. For my Eve friends, I know I said some bad words with with SC but I have an open mind and believe that there is room for both games in my computer.


The game is currently installing and I am awaiting confirmation of whether I made a good decision or not. Regardless of the outcome, I am currently excited and ready to go! To Infinity and Beyond!!! Or what ever catch phrase/meme is used in Star Citizen.

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