Today’s adventures in Eve Online

I have this week off so I have been playing Eve a lot more than I should be. I have done many things today, made a decent amount of ISK and lost a decent amount of ISK. I think I am about even though overall. I did some mining, missions, crafting, and exploring.


I am really torn on exploring while I am not able to fly T2 ships. I have been exploring in a Probe and a Magnate. I made about 8 mil ISK in loot and have gotten quite a bit better at both scanning the signatures and hacking the sites. I did however lose one of each ship. Death of a Probe & Death of a Magnate. It was a loss of about 6.3 mil ISK. The deaths were disappointing but mainly due to being a newb…or was it the lag? I wish I could blame it on lag but it was due to being new and not aware of things. I lost the Magnate to a Haunted Yard while scanning sites. Being the curious type, I warped to it against my better judgement. I was quickly overrun and destroyed. I lost the Probe to a Ghost Site. It was listed as a Serpentis Data Site and I was blown up without realizing what happened. Apparently if the hack fails, it can blow you up. Live and learn but still came out about 1.7 mil ISK ahead.


I have been running missions the past couple of days. I decided today to run some mining missions and I am undecided if it was worth the time invested. I made very little ISK or loyalty points. I did do some extra mining when the mission timer left m with extra time. I will sell the ore and bank the ISK to help pay for newer and better ships.

Crafting or industry as it is called…

Crafting a ship, image borrowed from

I have died quite a bit the past couple of days. Most of the ship parts are not expensive, just time consuming to buy, pick-up, and fit when multiple stations and jumps are involved. I decided to bu blueprints for parts that I have been losing a lot so that I can make and store spares. It makes it a lot less time consuming to fit my ships. I had to do some more mining and even buy a couple of different minerals but it has been worth it so far. I have probably spent more than it would cost me to buy a couple of sets but the time savings alone will make it worth while.

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