Twitch is up!

Twitch is up and running!

Well I finally did it, my twitch is up! I initially ran a quick 10 minute mining stream the night before testing out the stream and recording but I did not do anything interesting and I did not speak at all. If you happened to be one of my few viewers, I am sorry. I know it was boring but I was able to figure out what I needed to do. It was a great trial run.

Last night I did my initial stream. I have never done any standard missions so I went out and did a couple and took a few lucky, or unlucky, viewers with me. It went smooth, both in-game and stream. I had a total of 28 views and between 3 and 5 viewers at any one time. I think that is pretty good for my first true outing.

Thoughts and reflections about my first stream…

I am asked to review and reflect everything I do at work and it has become so ingrained that I find myself doing in other areas of my life. I had truly enjoyed my first stream and spent way too much time analyzing it throughout the day. I think it went fairly well though I felt a bit odd at times, like the crazy guy talking to himself in the back of the room. It will take a while to feel like I am talking to others rather than myself. More viewers would definitely help, do you know any?

Length, is longer truly better?

I know is sounds like I am referring to something else but streaming can be considered the same. I want to make this as interesting for others as I possibly can. I know I will never make any money at it, it is more of a pride and big head thing. What is a desired time length for an average stream session? My first full stream was just shy of 30 minutes. Should I have kept going or should I have stopped earlier? I guess I will find out in time though I have always been impatient so I am sure that I will google and research that after posting this.

The end?

I know I need to end this and I cannot do that properly without linking my twitch page for purely self-promotion reasons. Please go to my channel, subscribe, and check out the occasional stream. You never know when you might see a great stream. XenoKron’s Twitch Channel Don’t forget about my youtube channel!! XenoKron’s Youtube Channel

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