Twitch Streaming Milestone


Milestone Reached!

Today I reached a streaming milestone, albeit, small and trivial to most. I got my tenth follower! I have been dabbling in streaming for a little over a year, though not successfully. You are probably asking yourself how could he have been streaming for that long and just now got 10 followers. Well, mainly because it has been unbelievably inconsistent. Because I am a rather shy person,  streaming does not come naturally. I am also on the impatient side and having few to no viewers was very disappointing. I would do a couple of streams, wait a couple of months, and do a couple more. Understandably, I would also lose the few followers that I had gained.

Streaming Issues

As stated previously, streaming does not come naturally to me. Not only am I shy and impatient, I am also older. I would do a couple of streams and become frustrated because I had very few visitors and most didn’t stay for long. The frustration would cause me to come down on myself. You are too old, too boring, look silly with the reading glasses, or [insert almost any reason here]. I would give up and not stream for a while but then the urge would hit me again. I would gain one or two followers but then they would be gone before I got the urge to stream again.

Different Outlook!

The urge struck again about 3 weeks ago but I took a hard look in the mirror and did some soul searching. Streaming is something that I enjoy and I do know that these things take time.  I had researched streaming before I first started but this time I decided to go full throttle. Not only did I watch videos and read articles about streaming, I also started going through different games looking at the streamers with larger audiences. What I noticed was that many were my age or older and came from all walks of life. The qualities that disliked about myself were prevalent with other streamers yet they had good sized audiences and follower amounts.

Full of…….

Confidence! Reaching my small streaming milestone has greatly increased it! I have streamed 9 times in the past 3 weeks, including streaming 3 days in a row. My twitch chat no longer sits idle and unused, and I am getting more views per stream. While I am still making noob mistakes, I have the confidence that I was lacking before. I am working on a streaming schedule to get rid of the inconsistency while watching and learning from others. Another big roadblock for me is my impatience so I am making small goals to work towards. My goal for June is to add 10 followers and I am 1/2 way there. Small goals will be the main key to my success since it will be easier to reach and keep my impatience to a minimum. Keep an eye out for my channel, I will be coming to a stream near you!

Where to find me?

You can view me stream on Twitch and on Youtube! I am new to streaming and working hard at improving. Suggestions for improvement or things you would like to watch streamed are always welcome. Please send any suggestions or ideas to my facebook or google accounts. Maybe you will help me reach my next streaming milestone!

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